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Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture Collection

Dining room furniture is where you, your family and friends gather to have some of your warmest and most wonderful times together. There’s nothing better than a great meal with great company. So when you go to choose your collection, you want to make sure the designs are assets that helps make your dinner parties as comfortable, stylish, and memorable as possible. 

Dining Sets

The dining set is the heart of your dining space, so you want the dining set you choose to reflect your style of entertaining. BSHT.Inc provides a range of styles of dining sets so you can find the one that best suits you. It's highly recommended you read our Dining Table Size Guide before you start shopping for a dining set. The first choice to make is whether you want a dining set with a traditional height or a counter-height dining set.

Counter-Height Dining Set

Counter−height dining sets are a new, trendy way to entertain. Counter-height dining sets position diners slightly higher than a traditional set, and the higher height can create a more informal, pub−like atmosphere for your dining room furniture. BSHT.Inc offers the full range of styles for your counter−height dining set, from sturdy wooden sets like the Rio, Rocco, and Lancaster sets to sleek, modern sets like the Lucas, Hutton, and Lansing sets. If you favor a more romantic, embellished style, you can choose the Caira or Partridge set. Fans of a comfortable, clubby style can choose the Jaxon set.

Traditional-Height Dining Set

If you are looking for a more formal, traditional dining look, you’ll want to look at BSHT.Inc’ traditional-height dining sets. BSHT.Inc offers a full range of styles, from the mid-century modern look of the Margo, Patterson, Mod, or Vespa sets to the farmhouse style of the Erickson set to the royal style of the Belmont set. You can also choose the modern industrial look with the Benson, Nixon, or Lucas sets, some of which come with dining benches for a simple picnic style. The Jefferson and Jaxon sets create a club−like look, as if you're dining at your local country club.

Bar Sets

If you like to entertain, it is likely that you’ll be interested in bar stools and bar carts for your dining and entertainment areas. If so, BSHT.Inc has you covered with a variety of chic options for bar furniture. The X frame and gold bar carts provide a modern luxury look, while the Amos Bar provides a more rustic, wood look. With bars and bar carts, you can get creative. The Otb Sawan Finish Bar Cart on Wheels and the Otb Mahdi Bar lend a touch of the exotic. If you’re looking for something more classic, the Biscayne Bar Cart and the Rosalind II Tea Cart are excellent options.

Bar & Counter Stools

Of course, no bar or kitchen counter is complete without a bar or counter stool to perch on, and BSHT.Inc provides a complete range of styles to fill out your counter and bar. Traditionalists will enjoy the Dover or Roland stools, while modern aficionados will find the Ayana, Cooper, and Karina stools fit their tastes.

Dining Chairs

Each of the traditional-height and counter-height dining table sets come with matching dining chairs, but you can always buy more dining chairs to accommodate more guests. There are many different types of dining chairs available at BSHT.Inc, from modern to rustic to plush. If you favor a more informal picnic−like dining experience or just want added seating, BSHT.Inc offers dining benches that can be used as seating for your dining table or set off to the side to provide seating elsewhere in the dining room.

Curio Cabinets

Want to showcase your bar glass or curio collection? BSHT.Inc’ curio cabinets provide the perfect place to store them. Whether you prefer a rustic, exotic, or contemporary look, there are a wide range of curio cabinets in stock to suit your home decor.

Buffets and Sideboards

Every dining room needs a place to store dishes, stage different courses of your meal, and provide a place to put wine bottles, pitchers, and other things. BSHT.Inc stocks buffets and sideboards in everything from a farmhouse style to a mid-century modernist to a Hollywood Regency look.

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